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We Owned the Night

Like how you’re going after my friends and cousin. Asshole

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"It’s silly, isn’t it? You’re surrounded by people who love you and you can only think about the ones who don’t."

why does it always work out like this (via summersofspencer)


The amount of support I’ve seen here is amazing. I’m so happy my ex went and made a damn fool of himself. I’m really glad I’m part of a community who recognizes emotionally manipulative white bullshit and understands my side without even having to necessarily hear it first. Its very comforting.

"The saddest part isn’t what you did to me but what I would have done for you."

D.V. (via halluzinogen)

"I only want this with you."

The Six Word Love Story #79 (via thesixwordlovestory)


want disney posts on your dash?

The name's Haley; seventeen years old. The loves of my life are Ian Somerhalder, Josh Hutcherson, Beau Mirchoff, and Dave Franco. We Will be united someday ;p .The Eagles, The Pretty Reckless, Music, Singing, pizza, mozzarella sticks, cookies, food, writing, The Hunger Games, Awkward, cuddling, kissing, hugs, partying, friends. That's me in a nutshell. :)

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